Monday, November 29, 2010

Tinkerbell Topper Tutorial

I worked on a flower topper this weekend. It measures a little over 5" wide, but I'm not sure how tall. If it helps, the white circle it is sitting on is a 6" round cake board. Things tend to start out small and get bigger as I go:) The theme is Tinkerbell. Gotta love those fairies! I love the movies and couldn't for the longest time, understand why. It's the colors! They have the most vibrant colors and I love all the flowers and butterflies. Funny my boys weren't all that impressed..Oh well on to work.
The first step was to make petals. I made these using the Wilton flower veining disk, I guess that's what you would call it:) I rolled out a small amount with my roller, cut a 2.5" circle then placed it on my disk. Using my most valuable tool I own, my fingers, I gently pressed and pushed outwards. This forms a very nice petal.

After this process, I gently laid it across petal drying formers, curling the edges for a more realistic look. I let these dry overnight and then added them to my base.

My base consists of a small wooden dowel to place into the cake and then green leaves peeking from beneath.You ask, where's the stick at? I use an upside down flower pot for my work surface:) On this base, I began adding the dried petals, each one securing it with "sugar glue" or meringue powder mixed with water. I tried to keep in mind the way a flower unfolds to make it the most realistic I could. I then add a small amount of the pink to secure my center too.

Notice how I have some tissue paper underneath some of the petals. This is because I added them later and I wanted them to dry standing up.

I had to modify this plastic Tinkerbell cupcake topper to adhere to my gumpaste flower. Plastic will not stick to the gumpaste alone. I had to cover it, plus I didn't like the plastic little flower she was sitting on:)

Here is the before and after of the modification. I also added some glitter to her wings for some extra sparkle.

I applied sugar glue to the surface I was adhering to. You must always use glue to stick two gumpaste surfaces together. Lesson Learned:)

Firmly pressing the center down, I wiggle and push, till I get a firm placement.

I let this dry overnight again and will come back and add edible glitter to the petals. I just heard the UPS guy knock on my door with the glitter! I love those guys, it's like Christmas when they come:)Oh and I will also add some orange and brown dust to the center for a more realistic look.
I hope you go away with something from this little tutorial. If anything, to remember to put lotion on your hands before taking up close pictures of them:)
Have a great week!